Best Asset Tracking tactics for better Warehouse Management

Online visibility of a company handling supply chain determines its growth.

Asset tracking and verification

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  1. Use automatic data collection:

Automatic data collection is through bar code and radio frequency identification. This system has accuracy, well established and reduces time & labor costs. Plenty of companies still using a manual process for data collection.

  1. Don’t rely on manual data entry processes:

Using mobile computers and bar-code scanners and RFID readers at the receiving dock immediately identify products. This eliminates almost all errors associated with manual data collection like identification, counting and data entry errors by RFID technology. At this process warehouse staff can focus on customer orders effectively.

  1. Asset tracking paired with a warehouse management system (WMS):

Asset tracking combined with Warehouse Management System (WMS) increases warehouse productivity by providing automation. Companies are striving hard to improve their warehouse management by enhancing visibility and labor efficiency. WMS manages all resources and controls inventory management which also minimizes total cost of operation.

  1. Data Synchronization:

Software applications in any size organization synchronize all data which relates to SKU horizontally or vertically within the company. The best practice hers is continuity of SKU information to WMS, POS and BOS investments. One source of data makes sense and the result is retailers, consumers, suppliers will be benefited.

  1. Asset tracking enables accurate forecasting and improves inventory management:

Successful inventory management requires forecasting to lower costs. Better prediction plays huge role in inventory control requires market research, market demand patterns, and stock levels etc. so that retailers and suppliers can meet customer expectations.

  1. Use a unique tracking number, not the asset’s serial number:

Unique tracking number avoids confusion over remaining assets, inaccurate and customer dissatisfaction.

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Jayemcapoptrack is a unit of Jayem Logistics dealing with Asset verification, Tracking and relocation.  Software product for capital items is ASSETRACK, EOSOFT for EOU/ EHTP/ STP/ FTW/ SEZ UNITS and WMSOFT is for operational Items for better inventory management.


Gap Analytics for Physical count v/s ERP Fixed Assets
Computation of Deprecation ROC / Corporate Taxation
Computation for Customs / Central Excise / CST / VAT / GST
Computation for Impairment / Slump Sale / M and A
Legal Transfer / Sales Process
Relocation, Storage, Repair, Reverse Logistics, Sale
Scrap and E- Waste management.

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How to choose a warehouse management system

There are several factors including true cost while choosing a warehouse location for your business. Here are 7 factors

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Layout and flow of Building

The layout of any warehouse is determined by the type of operations conducted inside it. Older warehouse buildings are not suitable for modern. Ceiling height, as well as column spacing is the factors for the materials accommodation in given space. 

Availability of Skilled Workforce

Considering skilled work force in warehouse is a great task. The team has to be trained for handling any type of goods like perishables, Dangerous goods, Delicate products etc. carefully. So I suggest having supply of mixed skilled labors in that warehouse.

Proximity to Major Linkages

Means of transport you are going to use is the most important factor for choosing warehouse according to it. If this is the case you can save your more money on transportation.  Whatever is your need it is vital to have your site easily accessible to such a means of transport. If the goods are less perishable and shipments are not too sensitive then opting for rail transport can be an ideal solution.

Material Handling Capabilities

Another major factor that you should consider while choosing a location for the warehouse is the availability of the handling equipment and staging facilities. It is very certain that a highly intense distribution requires cross docks. You should also check for enough storage space in warehouse building.


Warehouse facility must be capable of accommodating the inventory and fit in the size of your products. For all startups and new companies, it is important to ensure that there is enough room around the facility for expansion. This will help save time and money leads to intelligent organizational development


Before  buying any warehouse facility, it is very important for you to enquire about rules and regulations and policies in that location. There may be certain locations that do not allow storage of certain types of goods. If you deal in those goods, it is best to avoid them to avoid them.

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Jayem warehousing is a unit of Jayem logistics. Jayem warehousing containing 64 ware houses across 32 cities in India with 2.0 Million sqft Warehouse space. The technologies using are Warehouse Management System (WMS), Vehicle Tracking System for providing better services to customers. Jayem Warehousing Pvt ltd got the excellent practices in Environment, Health and Fire Safety. Award from AARUSH Fire Systems Pvt Ltd., Pune. It is providing Contract Logistics, Warehousing and distribution, Value Added Services, Reverse Logistics, Manufacturing Logistics, and After Market. JWPL provides end to end warehousing management.

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