Effects of technology in transportation services

Many are aware of online portals like Clothes, Home, Health, Education etc. but very few know about online transport services. The recent addition of e-commerce is logistics. Logistics basic definition is moving of goods from one place to another place. Increase in business sector demands necessity of truck for various needs.  Now book a truck in a click as many transport companies offering online booking so that you can track and manage your goods.

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Everyone is familiar with online shopping and tracking their ordered goods till it reaches to destination. In the same manner online transport booking services allow you to manage and track your goods till it reaches to concerned person along with place and driver details.

Door to Door Services:

Many of offline transport companies don’t offer door to door delivery services and online transport companies offer door deliveries so make your transport hassle free by online booking.

Full Load and Part Load Services:

The main thing about offline transport services is they will accept only full load capacity of goods and even for half load they will ask you to pay for full load.  Online transport services offer both full load and half load transport and you can pay according to that so this process is purely consumer friendly.

Freight Booking:

Freight booking is usually for export and import of goods which includes inland transport, preparation of shipping and customs clearing, cargo insurance etc., online transport system made it cheaper than offline transport and everything comes under single booking.

Environment Friendly:

The online transportation companies offer part load capacity where no need to book to entire truck. They use remaining space for remaining customers


Insurance is protection from financial loss.  Having insurance for goods will claim financially from loss or damage. Many online transportation companies offer full insurance to your goods in any case of mishap that might occur on their way to their destination.

inter city transportation, within city transportation, truck booking in bangalore

City – Link is a group company of Jayem Logistics which is offering online booking of transportation services in Bangalore through its website and City – Link App. The benefits are it is offering cash backs and festive offers for bookings. City-Link app is user-friendly with instant booking; rebook option and goods tracking option.

Value added Services:

  • Loader Assistance
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • E-Documentation
  • Chat Option


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Digital Supply Chain:

Digitalization is the new advancement in the technology of supply chain management. For every Supply chain analysts, logistic consultants and technology executives have six digital trends to observe. Cloud based systems, analytics, monitoring of vehicles, Goods through IOT improves supply chain activity. 80% people in Logistics sector believe that digital supply chain will be predominant as per MHI’s 2017 annual survey on next generation supply chain

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1. Network-focused visibility:

The best thing about supply chain is we will be able to watch and understand activities of multiple players involved with the help of Global Trading Networks.

2. Merge IOT with app processes:

IOT is the combination of Sensors, Electronics, Software, Actuators connected to various Physical devices, Vehicles, Buildings etc. to collect data. IOT has to be connected to Transportation Management System.

  1. Scenario-based planning:

The IOT uses telemetric, sensors and geo positioning signals from devices to location and condition of goods which helps in making better decisions in supply chain system. This advancement is over to traditional department domains providing smart solutions.

4.  IOT, smart roads and predictive analytics:

IOT has Real-time monitoring of vehicles, trucks, and goods by using sophisticated sensors and IOT infrastructure.

  1. Mobile robotics change DC’S:

Digital supply chain management not only has IOT but also Mobile robots at DC level to reduce labor requirements. These are more flexible than traditional automated materials and handling systems which requires extensive fixed infrastructure. This Mobile robotics, smart AGV’S that can carry or pull inventory to workstations; driverless lift trucks would reduce labor needs at the DC level.

  1. Cloud TMS break silos:

Cloud in TMS is a tool which can connect to everybody and it transforms transportation management’s internal activity that can easily link up with third party logistics, freight providers and carriers.

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  • Jayem Inland Transport, City-link a unit of Jayem Logistics, is engaged in within city transportation offering its services at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Objective is to provide seamless on demand / contractual transportation services to large enterprises, SMEs, traders and distributors. Transactions are done using our IT platform which is integrated with customer ERP to get real time visibility and transparency. City-Link has multi modal access via Website, Mobile app with options like track your truck, Smart Navigation Options and Multi-modal payment options offering the best services all over Bangalore.
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Monsoon vs Cargo

Monsoon is the vital consideration for cargo companies. We have great technology but it doesn’t matter in front of Natural calamities. Rain can causes quick and major effect on shipment. Monsoons also make delivery late and damage. Goods like Grains, Fertilizers, Cement, Agriculture, Coal, Metal, Ferrous Ore, Minerals, Metals, Chemicals, Dangerous goods etc. are likely to get effected by rains. Cargo owners ensure shippers that their products shouldn’t be damaged due to rain and it’s a big challenge for any shippers.

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Grains, Fertilizers, Cement Small amount of rain can damage. Damaged products are rejected by receivers ·        Cargo must be covered in Warehouses

·        Loading and unloading in rains must be avoided

·        Ventilation is important in warehouse

Agriculture Products These products are also moisture sensitive. They easily deteriorate due to rains. ·        Cargo must be covered in Warehouses

·        Loading and unloading in rains must be avoided

·        In case of open grounds, cargoes have to be covered by temporary sheds.

Coal Quality and Quantity of coal differs when it is wet. Receivers reject for sure ·        Coal is one of the highest imported cargos in India. To avoid rain damages store small quantities at separate locations
Metals Wetting of steel cargoes and other metals may lead to rusting ·        To avoid wet damages, prepacking and pack aging process of coils require appropriate planning. Storage at immediate locations.
Ferrous Ores & Minerals Cargoes such as Nickel, Iron, Fluorspar exposure to heavy rains leads to issue of liquefaction. ·        Continuous watch over Transportable Moisture Level of all Ores & Mineral is very important. Road transportation of wet cargo is usually considered safe than ships.

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Jayem Inland transport, unit of Jayem logistics is engaged in within city transportation offering its services at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Objective is to provide seamless on demand. It has more than 100 trucks of different specifications to suit customer needs. During monsoon shipment the below guidelines are followed by us.

  • Cargo is picked at correct temperature
  • Cargo packing is designed in a way that no rain water can damage
  • Cargo route is planned in low rainfall route
  • Cargo storage is well planned in covered storages
  • Aware of local weather warning systems
  • Cargo documents are properly documented

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Jayem group also has its own warehouses in 32 cities at 64 locations having 2.0MSqt warehouse space across India for better shipment.

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Shipping challenges can be solved by TMS software

TMS software is the most vital tool for running a successful transportation business. Transportation Company takes tremendous coordination of Dispatchers, Drivers, Fleet managers, Accountants, Trading Partners, and Accountants etc. to get details of every shipment. Smart and dedicated staff is responsible for successful running of business.

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Granting Departmental Access:

Once TMS is adopted make scheduling process visible to more departments and individuals and train your team members to answer customer questions quickly and tactfully. For instance, effective TMS sharing is allowing a shipper access to accurate pricing across multiple carriers within the order fulfillment process.

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Integration Process:

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Specifications are sent from the TMS provider to a company’s programming team that contains detailed examples of integration steps.
  • A process evaluation is performed internally to determine the best location to add the calls to the TMS to retrieve data and display rates.
  • Based on company feedback, stakeholders are identified as key TMS users to ensure a successful result once integration is complete.
  • TMS coding begins using a dummy account that allows developers to make practice calls into the TMS with an API. This allows data sharing between systems and simulates visibility in shipment activity.
  • TMS functionality is tested and fixed are put in place.

The average implementation of TMS takes around 2 to 4 weeks, depending on resources availability and the efficient organization of the stakeholders involved in it. Integration of warehouse management system and transport management system increases efficiency of customer service. TMS, return on Investment drives market growth. It decreases freight costs in supply chain management.   

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  • Jayem inland transport is a unit of Jayem logistics delivering best transport services all over India by using TMS software. We have own innovative IT team maintaining TMS effectively by regular updating. We are maintaining a day to day vehicle trip data, which is containing Odometer Reading, customer name, area, time etc… This data should store as per our requirement, Based on this the reports should generate We have around 170+ Vehicle in Multiple locations, each vehicle is renewable documents like insurance, Fitness, Permit, road tax etc… These should be notified to our team when they are going to expire.  Reports will be collected below.
    • Customer wise vehicle Trips, and vehicle type wise Trips, Unique vehicles that we have given to customer
    • The Kilometers travelled by the particular tyre (tyre Report)
    • Vehicle service and maintenance Reports
    • Vehicle Performance/Trip Analysis
    • Dashboard
    • Vehicle tooling
    • Fuel utilization by vehicles.
  • It is serving its best in Long Haul trucking, Trucking for in plant logistics, Reverse logistics transportation etc. For Retail & E-commerce, Textile & Apparels, FMCG & Beverages, Consumer Durables 3PL, Warehousing & Express Delivery, Automotive & Manufacturing Distributor, Dealer & Stockiest, Ceramic, Glass, Paint & Hardware, Pharma & Healthcare, ICT & Telecom Logistics


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