How to manage Reverse Supply Chain better

Reverse Logistics is a process of managing and maintaining products before the manufacturing stage. This flow of returned goods is from consumer to retailer, retailer to distributor and distributor to a manufacturer is also known as the Reverse Supply Chain. The materials return activity can include repair, warranty recovery, redistribution, re-marketing, end-of-life recycling, or any combination of these activities.

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The one and only goal of a reverse logistics system is to recover financially from returned goods that would otherwise be a loss in product disposal, improve efficiency in the reverse supply chain, and minimize waste. All of which can translate into additional revenue for a company.

 The Reverse Supply Chain System includes two services:

 Service Parts Management:

It helps you to optimize your spare parts inventory to meet long-range forecasting and serviceability efficiently

 Product Returns Management:

It will help you intelligently deploy your electronics and components back into the service supply chain and maximize recovery.


To manage reverse logistics in a better way the best option is to partner with a 3PL service provider who has improved inventory management and greater online visibility.

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Reverse logistics plays an important role in the growth of organization financially & environmentally. By sorting, assembling, repairing of damaged products minimizes organizational overall costs which is the best way of aftermarket maintenance. One can also stop wasting manpower, time, and costs of raw materials. By this process organizations gets more customer satisfaction and loyalty by repairing faulty goods.

Many retailers unable to manage their return process and outsourcing to third-party logistics to have effective operations as 3Pl’s have their years of experience in managing supply chain. They have years of experience in managing forward logistics and for them it is not difficult to manage reverse logistics too with their own Warehouses, Transportation and  Freight Forwarding Services.

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