5 ways for Green Transportation

Transportation has been causing significant effect on the earth. Out of aggregate carbon dioxide emanation, 75% of it is contributed by street transport vehicles, and this number is increasing exponentially. Likewise, 95% of the road transportation uses oil, which prompts around 60% utilization of the entire oil on the planet. This puts the national government under big challenge for solutions to green transportation to reduce pollution.


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Reducing emission of greenhouse gases decreases global warming and pollution too. This can be achieved by using Eco-friendly transportation.


5 brilliant ways to reduce Environmental Pollution:

Decreasing number of trips:

We can decrease fuel usage by reducing number of trips. Smaller loads can be combined to make bigger loads for shipment.

Utilizing Public Transportation:

Public transport carries many persons in a single trip which is cheap and affordable

Using bicycles and walking:

Using bicycles and walking for shorter distances can enhance health and fitness and also reduces pollution

Using Electricity to power the logistics vehicle and bio-fuels:

As supply chain movements contributing to pollution to environment using electric vehicles or else eco-friendly fuels completely benefits to reduce pollution.

Modifying aerodynamics of the vehicle:

The structure and body of the vehicle impacts consumption of gas this makes smooth movement and less fuel consumption


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The three additional benefits of Green Transportation are Money saving, Living a healthier life and contribution in the India’s economic growth.

Jayem Inland transport, unit of Jayem logistics is engaged in within city transportation offering its services at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Objective is to provide seamless on demand. It has more than 100 trucks of different specifications to suit customer needs. The benefits are easier freight management, on-time vehicle placement flexibility during high sales.

Value Added Services:

  • Live monitoring, SMS alerts, geo fencing for any specific needs
  • Telematics support devices for the vehicles
  • Customer dashboard capturing key insights from the trips
  • Getting vehicle body structure customized for your requirement
  • Catering emergency requirement, adhoc services & breakdown periods
  • Providing loading and unloading assistance & services at site

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Find out why people are moving to Cloud Warehouse Management Systems

In this business world, 83% of companies are using cloud software technology in their daily operations. The cloud is cheaper, faster and better integrated specially for warehouse management system. This is completely changing the way of business budget and expenditure for their new WMS

There are many attractive reasons for switching to the cloud. Have a look

    • Desire to cut costs
    • Simply better option
    • Reduce cap-ex
    • Modernization of legacy IT
    • Reduce complexity
    • Independent operation
    • Avoid software licensing
    • Add new capabilities
    • Simple and fast implementation
    • Reduce IT head count
    • Predictable pricing

Each point reflects how a business should plan within budget.  

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Traditional WMS has in-depth quote process, cloud WMS has need little bit of company information to get quote. The important reason switching to Cloud based WMS decreases your cost of budgeting.

A cloud based WMS will lower monthly operating costs and doesn’t require a huge investment for running. Budgeting for a cloud-based WMS removes IT costs from the equation, no need to invest on hardware, maintenance, recovery, upgrading etc., running time of cloud based WMS is faster than Traditional WMS so it is easy to increase value to your customers faster along with labor costs. Cloud based technology keep up with your clients as you can respond quickly.

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Getting up and running with a traditional WMS is complicated, costly process and frustrated process and cloud based WMS is Low-cost, quick, easy installation and flexible which helps to run warehouse quickly.

Jayem warehousing is a unit of Jayem logistics. Jayem warehousing containing 64 warehouses across 32 cities in India with 2.0 Million sqft Warehouse space. The technologies using are Warehouse Management System (WMS), Vehicle Tracking System for providing better services to customers. Jayem Warehousing Pvt ltd got the excellent practices in Environment, Health and Fire Safety Award from AARUSH Fire Systems Pvt Ltd., Pune. It is also providing Contract Logistics, Warehousing and distribution, Transportation, Value Added Services, Reverse Logistics, Manufacturing Logistics, and After Market. JWPL provides end to end warehousing management.

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Trends in Warehouse Management 2017

Technology adaptation changes supply chain structure from time to time.

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 E-commerce Growth tends to High Expectations for Warehouse Management:

As per Net retailers, E-commerce sales are required to grow to more than $400 billion in coming years. With Forrester Research estimating $414.0 billion in sales in 2018 at the same time E-marketer estimating $491.5 billion in 2018.

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Warehouse Investments and Priorities:

In one of the articles written by Clint Reiser of ARC Advisory Group on Logistics Viewpoints, warehouse technology investment priorities are higher and interesting. 

As per Clint: Warehouse labor management was the most important choice. E-commerce requirements fulfillment requires high labor power and costly, especially while considering fulfillment costs as a percentage of revenue margins on the product sale. The second most investment choice is WMS which is called as backbone of warehouse management system. Third most important investment choice is Automation.

Mobility in the Warehouse:

Modern materials handling is forcing importance of mobility in supply chain.

The top three pressures in warehouse management are:

  1. Customers demanding purchases faster
  2. High labor costs
  3. Reducing the cost of requirement fulfillment errors.

The systems running on the major devices are growing which is demanding mobility along with the consideration of temporary and seasonal workers in Warehousing Management System.

IoT and the Need for Data storage:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is forecasted to reach 26 billion installed devices by 2020 and definitely will impact the information available to supply chain leaders and how the supply chain operates, depending on industry and data generation with 21 billion IOT units estimated to be in use by 2020.

Jayem warehousing is a unit of Jayem logistics. Jayem warehousing containing 64 warehouses across 32 cities in India with 2.0 Million sqft Warehouse space. The technologies using are Warehouse Management System (WMS), Vehicle TrackingSystem for providing better services to customers. Jayem Warehousing Pvt ltd got the excellent practices in Environment, Health and Fire Safety Award from AARUSH Fire Systems Pvt Ltd., Pune. It is also providing Contract Logistics, Warehousing and distribution, Transportation, Value Added Services, Reverse Logistics, Manufacturing Logistics, and After Market. JWPL provides end to end warehousing management.

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Five R’s of Reverse Logistics to Maximize Revenue Stream

Smart thing about supply chain is optimizing Five R’s of Reverse Logistics to Maximize Revenue Streams every link from forward logistics to reverse logistics.  Streamlining of five R’s in reverse logistics-Repairs, Repacking, Returns, Recalls, Recycling/disposition and there are more than 5R’S to reverse logistics like Receiving, Recovering, Reconditioning, Re-boxing, Resale etc., Let us group them to 5 categories for the sake of Discussion. Forward logistics is traditional one where products flow from factory to consumer. But reverse logistics deals with the repaired products come from consumer end. Returns management involves repair, warranty, recovery, replacement, replacement etc.

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  1. Returns:

First step of Reverse logistics is returns. Customers return products due to number of reasons like defective, damaged, failed etc., whatever the reason may be. Receiving, inspecting, testing along with RMA verification is necessary

  1. Recalls:

A critical reverse logistics category is recalling because High-tech devices are recalled because of faulty electronics, battery problems or hazards and those may be subjected to Government regulations. The solution here is receiving, replace, resell or reclaiming failed parts.  Here turning negative customer experience to positive experience matters

  1. Repair:

It is for refurbishment, reuse and re manufacturing. These practices are becoming more common these days as manufacturers recognize the value of re-using materials from returned goods. This process decreases investment, time, Money for them.

  1. Repackaging:

            Repacking is for restock or resale in secondary channels. There are two situations where customer returns their goods, one is when they are dissatisfied with them and another but not wrong with them. If the testing reveals no trouble then immediately these products are repacked and returned to inventory. Another is if parts or products are with minor issues may be repaired and repacked for reselling.


  1. Recycling:

It is for disposal and disposition. If the product or electronic component life expires then those are scrapped or disposed in an environment friendly way. This means engaging with third-party recycling companies to dispose or reclaim waste of assets.

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REPAIR and RETURN TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD, a unit of JAYEM LOGISTICS is dealing with Reverse logistics. It is a true end-to-end return management solutions company serving to both International & Domestic manufacturers. R&R provides Reverse logistics, RMA and Technical services including repair to whole range of Industry segments with customized solutions to lower their RMA costs and make them more competitive in their industry. It can be the ideal repair, and AMS partner for companies looking to fill the gap existing in their supply chain for managing and maintaining areas such as warranty and spare parts management, forward and reverse logistics, fast Repair & Return and parts recovery.



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Questions to Consider when Choosing a Freight Broker:

Behind every successful movement of cargo there is Freight broker. It is an individual or company which acts like barrier between company that needs shipping services and an authorized motor carrier. There are some tips for selecting right broker for your needs given by Chip Smith, president and CEO of Twin Modal.

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  1. Make sure the broker is licensed:

Before selecting person or a company as a Freight broker make sure that they have proper license and authority.  They should have federal broker license issued by the federal property broker license by the federal motor carrier safety administration.

  1. Look for multiple modes:

Most brokers provide not only truckload motor carrier service but also offer additional service options, rail intermodal, air freight, warehousing, LTL, flatbeds, vans, reefers, padded van, shipping and logistics management services. Brokers with multiple modal options can reduce risks of fleet management.

  1. Investigate the broker’s carrier selection process:

A written contract is must between carrier and you. Verify carriers operating authority, safety rating, and insurance.

  1. Evaluate the carrier management process.

 To avoid unwanted risks and problems, brokers must constantly communicate with carriers. Look for brokers who communicate in writing while instructing carriers as phone instructions are not enough. Ask your broker about the management of their loading and unloading good.

  1. Run a credit check:

Freight brokers should be financially sound and able to pay their carriers. Check out how perfect they are in paying vendors. Stay away from brokers with financial issues and legal judgements against them. Involve yourself with a successful, experienced broker.

  1. Be sure the broker carries adequate insurance:

Many brokers have contingent cargo insurance to pay damage claims or loss in shipment if the carrier and its insurance company refuse to pay. Contingent cargo is completely second level of protection. Look for brokers who also have liability insurance along with ‘errors and omissions’ insurance.

  1. Look for enrollment in integrity programs:

Licensed property brokers who belong to the industry of trade group Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) are required because they follow strict code of ethics while dealing with shippers and carriers.

  1. Get it in writing:

Have a written contract with your broker that explains the terms and conditions of your agreement to avoid misunderstandings and financial issues.

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Alpha Freight Chain Pvt Ltd is a unit of Jayem Logistics,  Business started in 2007 to help Enterprises for Government Compliance regarding to Import / Export Transactions. It is specialized in Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Export Oriented Units (EOU), Free Trade Warehousing Zone (FTWH), etc. The expertise also extends to Bonded Warehouses, Related Parties Transactions, High Sea Sales, Drawback, Refunds, etc. Alpha is also a government approved Customs Broker. A  Customs Bond is a contract which is used for guaranteeing that a specific obligation will be fulfilled between customs and an importer for any given import / export transaction. The main purpose of a customs bond is to guarantee the payment of import duties and taxes. For this we do Preparation of Various Bonds in prescribed format, Provisional Duty Bond, Double Duty Bond, Undertaking Bond, Transit Bond, WH Bond, Execution of Bonds with customs department, Monitoring of Bonds executed and Cancellation of Bonds upon expiry with customs department.

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What is FOB? Why it is important for my shipment

Shipping goods internationally or domestically involves lot of freight terms which are new to understand which are used by Freight forwarders and shipping companies. Let us go through some important terms about your shipment.



What does FOB stand for? It indicates Free On Board. It is a term in international commercial law the physical location at which liability, obligation, cost, and risk for the shipment has to transfer from the shipper to the receiver. International shipment has more importance of FOB than domestic shipment because many parties are involved in it.

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FOB on Shipping Documentation:

FOB is listed in several different ways on shipping documents and each has a different meaning.

FOB Origin: The buyer-Pays freight charges, bears freight charges, owns goods in transit, is responsible to file claims (if necessary)
FOB Origin, Freight Collect: The buyer-Pays freight charges, bears freight charges, owns goods in transit, is responsible to file claims (if any) 
FOB Origin, Freight Prepaid: The Seller-Pays freight charges, bears freight charges
The buyer-Owns goods in transit, is responsible to file claims (if necessary) 
FOB Origin, Freight Prepaid & Add: The seller-Pays freight charges upfront but adds the charges back to the invoice for the buyer to later pay
The buyer-Bears freight charges, owns goods in transit, is responsible to file claims (if necessary) 
FOB Destination: The seller-Pays freight charges, bears freight charges, owns goods in transit, files claims (if necessary) 
FOB Destination, Freight Collect: The buyer-Pays freight charges, bears freight charges Seller-Owns goods in transit, is responsible to file claims (if necessary) 
FOB Destination, Freight Collect & Allow: The buyer-Pays freight charges, 
The seller-Bears freight charges, he owns goods in transit, files claims
FOB Destination, Freight Prepaid: The seller-Pays freight charges, bears freight charges, owns goods in transit, is responsible to file claims (if necessary)


The above rules are published by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Connect cargo is unit of Jayem Logistics providing Ocean/freight forwarding services, Project(ODC)Forwarding, Customers Brokerage, Warehousing Transportation &Distribution, D/G Perishables. We are a system & process oriented company with total commitment towards the Customers’ need for a cost-effective quality solution. This is the result of our belief that quality is the outcome of intelligent effort, and never an accident.

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e-Truck Services

e-Truck is a great eco-friendly project for greener future in this polluted world. Einride, Swedish transportation company announced its global launch that it’s working to establish the world’s first totally emission free transportation. The types of electric trucks are General trucks, pickup Trucks, Semi-trailer and tractor trucks, Electric tractors, Milk float, Garbage truck, off road and mining truck. These Zero emissive e-Trucks are designed for effective fleet management

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Their product is a fully electric self-driving vehicle that can also be controlled by remote drivers.  The T-POD and its specifications are seven meters around and 23 feet long along with cargo capacity of 15 standard pallets and weight of 20 tons while carrying a full load. Company also said that it can travel 200km on one charge with less sound. Testing will be done on next year as it requires charging stations and big infrastructure. There are many experiments going on in the electric truck commercial vehicle right now like Mitsubishi, Fuso and Hino in japan, Mercedes-Benz in Germany and Scania in Sweden. It is believed that e-trucks will be attempting break in American market within couple of years

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Interesting facts:

  • The leader in market for electric commercial vehicles today is China. It has more than 95% of electric buses in service.
  • In Europe maximum people are showing interest to invest on low emission vehicles.
  • The price of batteries and its associated technologies are decreasing day to day

Jayem Inland Transport, a unit of Jayem Logistics, is engaged in within city transportation offering its services at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Objective is to provide seamless on demand / contractual transportation services to large enterprises, SMEs, traders and distributors. Transactions are done using our IT platform which is integrated with customer ERP to get real time visibility and transparency. Jayem Inland Transport owns more than 100 trucks of different specifications to suit customer needs.

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Distressed cargo_ When does it occur?

Experienced People in the shipping industry are aware of the word Distressed cargo and who are new to Industry may be experiencing it. Here I am going to explain it.

It is the popular term used more in Bulk trades.


Few reasons for you why cargo is termed as distressed cargo:

  1. Sometimes buyer defaults on contract due to drop in commodity prices. For instance a buyer entered spot contract of purchase of Granite & Marbles. After loading it if prices of commodity decreases the buyer defaults on contract as it throws him in loss
  2. Engine failure is another form for distress cargo
  3. If a seller or buyer has left it too late for execution of the trade is another reason
  4. A ship is unable to unload cargo at right time due to bad weather


Such distressed cargoes are generally sold to buyers at low prices compared to original price. To avoid this type of cases shippers need to safeguard against shipping and freight frauds etc. Shippers should also ensure insurance for such incidents.

There is also chance of distressed freight just like distressed cargo, causes due to unable to meet customer’s requirements.


Connectcargo a unit of Jayem logistics is a freight forwarding company owned and managed by professionals with hands on experience in Logistics Management for over three decades. It has Ocean/ Air Freight Forwarding, Project (ODC) Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, Warehousing and Distribution, DG/Perishable transport. Experienced team in Connectcargo can reduce distressed cargoes through their strategy. Our understanding of different commodities & their needs to be serviced, give us the edge over the others when it comes to servicing our customer. Whether it be foreign nationals or small & medium enterprise, we ensure personalized quality service. To support us in our endeavor we have a state of the art web based IT system, which allows us receive and send real time access to our customers and our partners anywhere at any time.



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Improve customer service by 4 warehouse management techniques

Warehouse management reflects your Company’s Goodwill and that manner speaks a lot about your company. Customer is the greatest asset of any organization at the same time he is brightest future of any company. Unnecessary delays in shipment, inappropriate dealing with customer goods and other several complications may badly hamper your company’s reputation.







Here are the four ways to control the warehouse management which results in customer satisfaction:

1. Increase visibility in business operations:

To increase supply chain visibility products has to be tracked and traced in real time so that you will know where goods are and what’s happening. Real time tracking of Goods will reduce complications. This is the only way we can answer easily to customer questions. Try to increase visibility in all aspects like In-transit visibility, Production visibility, On-hand visibility, Cost visibility. All these together improve your customer support.



2. Deliver fast:

Customers want anything quickly and he hates time delay. Improve your Warehouse efficiency and train your team to do things properly with perfection. Therefore customer won’t go for alternatives

3. Improve ability to predict:

In Warehouse management -Environment changes, Workforce Changes, condition change and other customer expectations also change. Finally change is constant factor. In order to keep your business competitive accept every challenge and face them tactfully by increasing your ability of forecasting.

4. Communicate better:

A good relationship with customer starts with good communication. Ineffective speaking with customer may leads to loss of customer.  At every step of goods delivery you need to keep customer updated. Take steps in order to send automatic order updates in the form of text by using updated technology.  Follow above steps in order to generate more customers.


Jayem Warehousing a unit of Jayem logistics manages 2.0M sq.ft warehouse space spread across 64+ locations in 32 cities in India. we offer variety of specialized and quality services in Contract Logistics, Warehousing & distribution, Value added Services, Reverse logistics, Manufacturing Logistics and After Market services.  Technology plays a vital role in each service offerings and most of our facilities are automation driven. our advanced systems and software provide greater visibility and efficient inventory monitoring. Shipments are tracked real time using Vehicle tracking systems. inventory is controlled through robust WMS and advanced RFID systems. Data capturing and analysis gives better picture of what’s happening inside the warehouse. Modern MHEs and optimal racking system gives great push to lead times and work efficiency


As a group we believe in enhancing our skills and technology to achieve higher customer satisfaction

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Supply chain visibility is a critical strategy to optimize Cost and Service. Increasing visibility is a critical planning for enterprises aimed at reduced costs and improving operational performance and multi-tiered global supply-demand networks. People from different fields see supply chain visibility differently. For instance, some people strongly believe that it is a tracking and tracing and people with technology mindset believes it is equipped with Business intelligence and Inventory level. 








Finally Supply chain visibility is the ability of products to be tracked from the manufacturer to their customer delivery. Its motto is to make data readily available to all stakeholders and consumers in real-time.

Types of visibility:

In-transit visibility:

In-transit visibility (ITV) is an ability that uses Radio Frequency (RF)/ Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) so that it provides logistic customer with maximum visibility along with a real time status.

Production visibility:

Product visibility provides Real-Time information about production status and product outsourcing.

On-hand visibility:

On-hand visibility is total picture of inventory in the supply chain. Inventory positioning at destination DCs with Dynamic ETAs.

Cost visibility:

Cost visibility is a true cost of products by the time they arrive at destination.

Jayemcapoptrack is a unit of Jayem Logistics, does Asset Verification, Tracking and relocation. We are dealing with software products and electronic products required for tracking goods. The software’s our team using are ASSETRAK for capital items, EOsoft, WMsoft for operational items. Our constant endeavor is to enhance technology and keep pace with the modern techniques and trends. We have invested heavily in automation, IOT, SAAS, WMS, CRM, mobile Apps etc. all our business verticals are now IT driven and some are on advanced technology to help in BI and data analysis.


 Benefits of Supply Chain Visibility:

 1.    We can identify traffic jam, narrow roads.

2.    Risk management can be reduced.

3.    There are Maximum chances for on time delivery.

4.    More reliable and responsive

5.    It is easy to react with unexpected problems

6.    Reduces transportation costs

7.    Increase customer satisfaction.

Finally it is monitoring and measuring entire supply chain process. Here everything is transparent to every person involved here.




Cloud-based technologies combined with the advantages of social and mobile technologies help us to improve visibility in supply chain.