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Compliance Services

Professional, Cost-effective, Tailored and Timely solutions for Govt. Compliance process, primarily for Indirect Taxation.

Staff over 80+ (on roll / outsourced)
Operations in Bengaluru, Chennai, Krishnapatanam, Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Tuticorin
Agency Partners at Mumbai / Delhi / Kolkata.

Logistics Consultancy
EOU / SEZ / STPI / EHTP Schemes.
Entry to Government schemes to encourage export.
Facility expansion / Sub contracting / Scrap Disposal
Inter Unit Transfer / Repair & Re-export.
Domestic Tariff Area Sales.
License Amendments / Exit from Schemes.
Representing customers before Government for any dispute, amendment to license conditions or filing returns etc.
Customs Brokerage
Bonded Warehouse