Trends that are going to shape Logistics industry in 2018

Digital Technology up-gradation has taken supply chain industry in to next level and it created high transformation. Logistics is back bone of e- commerce, retail, FMCG, hospitality, health care, businesses, imports exports etc. the upcoming trends in logistics sector are Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine-Learning algorithms. Already google glasses, drones have made progression in speed and convenience which has surprised customers. Let’s go for some trends in 2018 now.

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  1. Block chain-

Block chain offers security and transparency and AI first made its presence felt in the logistics industry early this year. With the security and transparency it offers, block chain is an impenetrable way to store and share the transaction data and improves credibility with fool proof transactions.  25% of global companies will using artificial intelligence and block chain-based automation in transnational procurement by 2020.

  1. Delivery Of Choice-

Customers will also have option to choose logistics company from which they can receive shipment along with products, discounts etc. This will be game changer in logistics industry just like Telecom industry shaken with mobile portability which decreased service charges. Delivery of choice from Best 3PL Warehousing Companies makes logistics industry more competitive and prices will come down.

  1. Rise of Elastic Logistics-

Elastic logistics has flexibility and allows companies to maintain all logistics activities under one point. This helps in handling fluctuations in orders according to requirement and this is cost effective too. However, it provides a customized answer to requirements like cost control, warehouse management, geographic restrictions, distributions channels, priority deliveries, and much more. The benefits of elastic logistics are

  • Enhancing Customer Experience
  • Real Time Visibility
  • Connecting All Business Processes
  • Provides Agility & Scalability
  1. Perfect Order Deliveries-

The latest interesting trend during 2017 end is perfect order deliveries. It is the percentage of orders delivered of right product at right time at right place with right condition with right invoice against all odds making sense in perfect deliveries. The high percentage of it improves supply chain movement and our business too.

  1. Rise of Drones and Smart-Glasses:

Automation, artificial intelligence, smart glasses and drones are redefining logistics sector. AI integrated smart glasses will make easy delivery with face recognition for error free deliveries. Adoption of these technologies increases the operational efficiency of first and last mile logistics along with flexibility and speed of delivery in complex and congested metro cities.

  1. Data-driven Logistics Driving Anticipatory Logistics-

By anticipating the demand and studying the data-patterns, companies can predict the demand, plan and align the operations well in advance. Adapting big data algorithms, data visualizing techniques for smarter analytics we can enhance future of our logistics business.


best logistic service provider in India, logistics company in India


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