Effects of technology in transportation services

Many are aware of online portals like Clothes, Home, Health, Education etc. but very few know about online transport services. The recent addition of e-commerce is logistics. Logistics basic definition is moving of goods from one place to another place. Increase in business sector demands necessity of truck for various needs.  Now book a truck in a click as many transport companies offering online booking so that you can track and manage your goods.

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Everyone is familiar with online shopping and tracking their ordered goods till it reaches to destination. In the same manner online transport booking services allow you to manage and track your goods till it reaches to concerned person along with place and driver details.

Door to Door Services:

Many of offline transport companies don’t offer door to door delivery services and online transport companies offer door deliveries so make your transport hassle free by online booking.

Full Load and Part Load Services:

The main thing about offline transport services is they will accept only full load capacity of goods and even for half load they will ask you to pay for full load.  Online transport services offer both full load and half load transport and you can pay according to that so this process is purely consumer friendly.

Freight Booking:

Freight booking is usually for export and import of goods which includes inland transport, preparation of shipping and customs clearing, cargo insurance etc., online transport system made it cheaper than offline transport and everything comes under single booking.

Environment Friendly:

The online transportation companies offer part load capacity where no need to book to entire truck. They use remaining space for remaining customers


Insurance is protection from financial loss.  Having insurance for goods will claim financially from loss or damage. Many online transportation companies offer full insurance to your goods in any case of mishap that might occur on their way to their destination.

inter city transportation, within city transportation, truck booking in bangalore

City – Link is a group company of Jayem Logistics which is offering online booking of transportation services in Bangalore through its website and City – Link App. The benefits are it is offering cash backs and festive offers for bookings. City-Link app is user-friendly with instant booking; rebook option and goods tracking option.

Value added Services:

  • Loader Assistance
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • E-Documentation
  • Chat Option


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5 ways for Green Transportation

Transportation has been causing significant effect on the earth. Out of aggregate carbon dioxide emanation, 75% of it is contributed by street transport vehicles, and this number is increasing exponentially. Likewise, 95% of the road transportation uses oil, which prompts around 60% utilization of the entire oil on the planet. This puts the national government under big challenge for solutions to green transportation to reduce pollution.


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Reducing emission of greenhouse gases decreases global warming and pollution too. This can be achieved by using Eco-friendly transportation.


5 brilliant ways to reduce Environmental Pollution:

Decreasing number of trips:

We can decrease fuel usage by reducing number of trips. Smaller loads can be combined to make bigger loads for shipment.

Utilizing Public Transportation:

Public transport carries many persons in a single trip which is cheap and affordable

Using bicycles and walking:

Using bicycles and walking for shorter distances can enhance health and fitness and also reduces pollution

Using Electricity to power the logistics vehicle and bio-fuels:

As supply chain movements contributing to pollution to environment using electric vehicles or else eco-friendly fuels completely benefits to reduce pollution.

Modifying aerodynamics of the vehicle:

The structure and body of the vehicle impacts consumption of gas this makes smooth movement and less fuel consumption


logistic providers in India, logistics in India, transportation in India

The three additional benefits of Green Transportation are Money saving, Living a healthier life and contribution in the India’s economic growth.

Jayem Inland transport, unit of Jayem logistics is engaged in within city transportation offering its services at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Objective is to provide seamless on demand. It has more than 100 trucks of different specifications to suit customer needs. The benefits are easier freight management, on-time vehicle placement flexibility during high sales.

Value Added Services:

  • Live monitoring, SMS alerts, geo fencing for any specific needs
  • Telematics support devices for the vehicles
  • Customer dashboard capturing key insights from the trips
  • Getting vehicle body structure customized for your requirement
  • Catering emergency requirement, adhoc services & breakdown periods
  • Providing loading and unloading assistance & services at site

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