How to choose right option in Ocean Freight or Sea freight

International shipping has only two options: Air freight or ocean freight. Air freight is moving goods through airplanes from A to B at basic level. Ocean freight is moving goods in ships either Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL).

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Transport Method Can Be a Commodity-Based Shipping Decision:

There some commodities which prefer air freight. For instance, laptops, mobiles, some electronics are usually shipped by air because of two reasons. The reasons are airport connections take few hours and another one is goods will be under security cameras. There is no chance of goods damage in air freight whereas ocean freight takes long process to reach the destination. There is a problem of theft and in some cases cargo becomes wet.

Pricing Difference, Time Line difference:

Maximum shipping decisions for choosing in between air or ocean freight depends on Time and Money. Companies want to use transport system according to money and time deadlines. Sometimes air freight can be as 6 times costlier than ocean freight. For instance, air shipment from Mumbai to Hong Kong takes around 4 days, while an ocean shipment takes 3 weeks.

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Two more significant differences between them are Customs clearance and door to door delivery. For ocean shipping, customs clearance can take one day to four days depends on port of arrival. If it is an LCL load it definitely causes delay because your other shipment shares your container space. Next all goods in the container have to be placed in CFS (container freight station) which takes few more days.  
Air shipment takes only few days for customs clearance, not more than two days as clearance starts on the same day. The extra amount you pay makes shipment faster in air freight. These are differences between air freight and ocean freight.

One more example is when you buy a product on Amazon, if you select standard shipping you get basic rate. If you choose next day shipping you have to pay extra amount. Everything depends on urgency of product. The most important thing one has to keep in mind is as festival season arrive your shipment cost increases.


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Mega Trends for Inventory Management in 2017

There is total changing of order management in 2017 and this is encouraging new trends in inventory management and distribution. For effective E-commerce system order management requires enterprise system, innovation, algorithms and integration of all platforms. For instance, Magento releases Magento 2 with updates and extension to keep up to date with trends in supply chain management.

Inventory management system development in E-commerce:

As online business is emerging and digital customers are increasing global retail customer’s E-commerce is estimated as $1300 billion in 2017. Software updating and adopting them as soon as they are released leads to better inventory management methods for instance multiple systems like Magento2 Order management and Magento Purchase Order.

The order management requires end to end visibility and collaboration, real time data automation among different companies across multiple systems. This is the reason why entire supply chain system has to rely on digital technology.

New Retail Technology:

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality are very useful to New Retail Technology for online merchants.

Artificial Intelligence:

It helps to create more advanced technologies which improve supply chain visibility.

Augmented Reality:

It helps online merchants to optimize their Inventory Management.

Automation, Collaboration and Integration:

Automation is from sources like barcode scanners in order to fulfillment process in warehouse management. Collaboration is to collaborate among each other and integration gives real-time supply chain visibility.  

Data Analytics:

Digital analytics is the latest trend in inventory management which uses digital technology for easy estimation. An analytic insight helps organization to make better predictions and improvements.

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