Best Asset Tracking tactics for better Warehouse Management

Online visibility of a company handling supply chain determines its growth.

Asset tracking and verification

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  1. Use automatic data collection:

Automatic data collection is through bar code and radio frequency identification. This system has accuracy, well established and reduces time & labor costs. Plenty of companies still using a manual process for data collection.

  1. Don’t rely on manual data entry processes:

Using mobile computers and bar-code scanners and RFID readers at the receiving dock immediately identify products. This eliminates almost all errors associated with manual data collection like identification, counting and data entry errors by RFID technology. At this process warehouse staff can focus on customer orders effectively.

  1. Asset tracking paired with a warehouse management system (WMS):

Asset tracking combined with Warehouse Management System (WMS) increases warehouse productivity by providing automation. Companies are striving hard to improve their warehouse management by enhancing visibility and labor efficiency. WMS manages all resources and controls inventory management which also minimizes total cost of operation.

  1. Data Synchronization:

Software applications in any size organization synchronize all data which relates to SKU horizontally or vertically within the company. The best practice hers is continuity of SKU information to WMS, POS and BOS investments. One source of data makes sense and the result is retailers, consumers, suppliers will be benefited.

  1. Asset tracking enables accurate forecasting and improves inventory management:

Successful inventory management requires forecasting to lower costs. Better prediction plays huge role in inventory control requires market research, market demand patterns, and stock levels etc. so that retailers and suppliers can meet customer expectations.

  1. Use a unique tracking number, not the asset’s serial number:

Unique tracking number avoids confusion over remaining assets, inaccurate and customer dissatisfaction.

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Jayemcapoptrack is a unit of Jayem Logistics dealing with Asset verification, Tracking and relocation.  Software product for capital items is ASSETRACK, EOSOFT for EOU/ EHTP/ STP/ FTW/ SEZ UNITS and WMSOFT is for operational Items for better inventory management.


Gap Analytics for Physical count v/s ERP Fixed Assets
Computation of Deprecation ROC / Corporate Taxation
Computation for Customs / Central Excise / CST / VAT / GST
Computation for Impairment / Slump Sale / M and A
Legal Transfer / Sales Process
Relocation, Storage, Repair, Reverse Logistics, Sale
Scrap and E- Waste management.

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Check out if your DG Cargo is risk free for shipment

Dangerous goods or hazardous materials are pure chemicals or harmful to people, animals or environment. These should be packed carefully by well-trained cargo handlers in order to avoid risk in transportation. The packaging of such substances have safety symbols in small square orange color.

Symbols applied to retail packing are:

            symbol-5 symbol-2 symbol-3 symbol-4

The above symbols mention the nature of hazard and the actions have to be taken when swallowed or accidentally spilled.

Dangerous goods in transport:

Substances like Explosives, Gases, Flammable liquids chemicals, toxics, Radioactive substances, corrosives, acids, pesticides etc are dangerous for transportation. For these type of goods has its own rules and regulations for each mode of transportation(airways, waterways, railways, roadways) published by Social Council’s Committee of Experts on the transport of Dangerous Goods.

Depending upon its nature and danger UN Model Regulations classified into 9:

  • Explosives:

dangerous goods shipment 

  • Gases:

    1. Flammable Gases
    2. Non-flammable non-toxic gas
    3. Toxic gas

  DG shipment, freight forwardinge2e4          

  • Flammable Liquids:

DG shipment

  • Flammable solids:

    1. Flammable solids
    2. Substances liable to spontaneous combustion
    3. Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases

freight forwarding e7 e8

  •       Peroxides:

    1. Oxidizing agents
    2. Organic Peroxides         

  labels on dangerous goods e10  

  • Toxics

6.1 Toxic substances
6.2 Infectious substances

toxics, shipment e11

  • Radioactive materials:

radioactive substances shipment

  • Corrosives:

corrosives, shipment

  • Miscellaneous:

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This includes asbestos, automotive airbags, lithium batteries etc.

Connect Cargo Pvt Ltd is a unit of Jayem Logistics specialized in Ocean and Freight Forwarding over the last ten years in India. Transportation of dangerous goods includes many risk factors as shipment will be sensitive to temperature, pressure and humidity if not handled properly. We are into packing, labeling, marking and documentation to make shipments hassle free. We are proud to have a record of no lost shipment in transit or no damage in transit. We are a member of IATA since 2007, and our rank in India has been steadily increasing.

Our services include:

  1. Pick-up, collection and storage of dangerous goods in our own warehouses all over India.
  2. Identification, labeling and marking according to rules and regulations
  3. Repacking of damaged goods and also member of IATA & MTO
  4. Value Added Services

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How to manage Reverse Supply Chain better

Reverse Logistics is a process of managing and maintaining products before the manufacturing stage. This flow of returned goods is from consumer to retailer, retailer to distributor and distributor to a manufacturer is also known as the Reverse Supply Chain. The materials return activity can include repair, warranty recovery, redistribution, re-marketing, end-of-life recycling, or any combination of these activities.

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The one and only goal of a reverse logistics system is to recover financially from returned goods that would otherwise be a loss in product disposal, improve efficiency in the reverse supply chain, and minimize waste. All of which can translate into additional revenue for a company.

 The Reverse Supply Chain System includes two services:

 Service Parts Management:

It helps you to optimize your spare parts inventory to meet long-range forecasting and serviceability efficiently

 Product Returns Management:

It will help you intelligently deploy your electronics and components back into the service supply chain and maximize recovery.


To manage reverse logistics in a better way the best option is to partner with a 3PL service provider who has improved inventory management and greater online visibility.

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Reverse logistics plays an important role in the growth of organization financially & environmentally. By sorting, assembling, repairing of damaged products minimizes organizational overall costs which is the best way of aftermarket maintenance. One can also stop wasting manpower, time, and costs of raw materials. By this process organizations gets more customer satisfaction and loyalty by repairing faulty goods.

Many retailers unable to manage their return process and outsourcing to third-party logistics to have effective operations as 3Pl’s have their years of experience in managing supply chain. They have years of experience in managing forward logistics and for them it is not difficult to manage reverse logistics too with their own Warehouses, Transportation and  Freight Forwarding Services.

 Jayem logistics is one of the top logistics service provider and best warehousing company in India. It is expert in executing 2PL, 3PL, 5PL services in supply chain management since 3 decades. It has separate 9 group companies to execute operations individually. Repair and Return Pvt Ltd is one of the group companies which is executing return process effectively and it is a true end-to-end return management solutions company catering to both International & Domestic manufacturers. R&R provides Reverse logistics, RMA and Technical services including repair to whole range of Industry segments with customized solutions to lower their RMA costs and which makes customers more competitive in their industry. It serves industries like IT, Telecom, Consumer Entertainment, Medical Electronics, and Measuring Instruments.

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Trends in Warehouse Management 2017

Technology adaptation changes supply chain structure from time to time.

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 E-commerce Growth tends to High Expectations for Warehouse Management:

As per Net retailers, E-commerce sales are required to grow to more than $400 billion in coming years. With Forrester Research estimating $414.0 billion in sales in 2018 at the same time E-marketer estimating $491.5 billion in 2018.

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Warehouse Investments and Priorities:

In one of the articles written by Clint Reiser of ARC Advisory Group on Logistics Viewpoints, warehouse technology investment priorities are higher and interesting. 

As per Clint: Warehouse labor management was the most important choice. E-commerce requirements fulfillment requires high labor power and costly, especially while considering fulfillment costs as a percentage of revenue margins on the product sale. The second most investment choice is WMS which is called as backbone of warehouse management system. Third most important investment choice is Automation.

Mobility in the Warehouse:

Modern materials handling is forcing importance of mobility in supply chain.

The top three pressures in warehouse management are:

  1. Customers demanding purchases faster
  2. High labor costs
  3. Reducing the cost of requirement fulfillment errors.

The systems running on the major devices are growing which is demanding mobility along with the consideration of temporary and seasonal workers in Warehousing Management System.

IoT and the Need for Data storage:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is forecasted to reach 26 billion installed devices by 2020 and definitely will impact the information available to supply chain leaders and how the supply chain operates, depending on industry and data generation with 21 billion IOT units estimated to be in use by 2020.

Jayem warehousing is a unit of Jayem logistics. Jayem warehousing containing 64 warehouses across 32 cities in India with 2.0 Million sqft Warehouse space. The technologies using are Warehouse Management System (WMS), Vehicle TrackingSystem for providing better services to customers. Jayem Warehousing Pvt ltd got the excellent practices in Environment, Health and Fire Safety Award from AARUSH Fire Systems Pvt Ltd., Pune. It is also providing Contract Logistics, Warehousing and distribution, Transportation, Value Added Services, Reverse Logistics, Manufacturing Logistics, and After Market. JWPL provides end to end warehousing management.

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The Basics of Air Freight

Before jumping in to the fundamentals of air freight, let’s know exactly what it is. At very basic level everyone knows that air freight is transportation of goods and by airplane.

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The two main reasons why Shippers choose air freight as transportation has two reasons


Air cargo is normally the speediest approach to get products to reach their customers.

Unwavering quality:

Despite unpredictable climate delays, airship cargo has the most reduced plausibility of obstacle.

What’s probably the main reason why shippers avoid transporting their payload via air? You got it: Cost. Airship cargo is frequently more costly than whatever other method of transportation. While considering the expense of shifting via air freight, remember that the cargo cost is just merely a single part of the condition.

In spite of the fact that airship cargo can be costly, alternate advantages are there like inside your production network will experience may balance the likelihood of higher cargo costs. These advantages incorporate lower stock conveying costs and the chance to catch piece of the overall industry.

If done effectively, integrating the right air shipping strategy into your multi-modal, global supply chain movement will not only help to decrease costs, but it will also promote efficiency. Never forget that shipping by air is not a one-size-fits-all option. Thus, any system you execute should be embedded to your needs, not anybody else’s.

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The three primary air freight options:

In these three primary options any one may meet your business unique requirements for effective shipping

  1. Next Flight Out:

As the name recommends your airship cargo is delivered when a flight is accessible. His is the fastest means of transport and also it is costly

  1. Consolidated Shipping:

Service Providers incorporate your airship cargo with the shipment of number of other shippers. Consolidated air shipments proceed onward by a Schedule. By transporting at set circumstances and with a bigger shipment of merchandise, suppliers are frequently providing services for reasonable rates. This may also cause time delays sometimes

  1. Deffered:

Postponing the shipping of your lower priority goods until space is available on the airplane. Often this kind of air shipment still works on a normal calendar. With this sort of administration, shippers just concede their air freight to the third, fourth, or fifth business day. This sort of air payload regularly offers the best cost investment funds because of the potential for longer travel times.

Connect Cargo Pvt Ltd is a unit company of Jayem Logistics specialized in Ocean/Air Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, Project Forwarding, WarehousingTransportation &Distribution, and DG/Perishables. We are a vital player in the freight forwarding industry in India. Over the last ten years, we have moved over thousands of air tons and containers without loss of shipment in transit or no damage in transit. We are a member of IATA since 2007, and our rank in India has been increasing. Indian Customs Rules & Regulations is very complex and vast. Our group professionals in them helped us in delivering best service to our freight movements. Alpha Chain  Pvt Ltd., is one of our group companies has own brokerage license and services and also offering unique solutions in their supply chain such as Bonded Warehousing, EOU/STP/SEZ documentation, VAS etc. It is government approved customs broker.

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