Third Party Logistics (3 PL) case study – 2017:

3PL Roles in Supply Chain Change Shippers hoping to pick up a general focused advantage have demonstrated huge intrigue in store network change. Fruitful change endeavors depend on a wide range of individuals and assets, and 3PLs and 4PLs are assuming an essential part in the change process. Among respondents, 73% of shippers demonstrated significant association of 3PLs in forms identifying with production network change, with 9% recommending exceptionally noteworthy association, 28% huge association and 36% consultative.








Reactions from 3PLs/4PLs demonstrate that they see themselves having a marginally more included part with 16% revealing extremely noteworthy contribution, 30% critical and 38% consultative. As a component of the current year’s study, clients and 3PL suppliers evaluated the significance of 3PL capacities identifying with individuals, process, innovation and execution/usage of change activities.

Normal significance evaluations of 25% for clients and 27% of suppliers were accounted for execution/ execution abilities. Notwithstanding the evaluations for the procedure being comparable for the two sorts of respondents, clients of 3PL administrations announced a normal significance rating of 26% for innovation, with 21% of suppliers reacting also.


Arrangement remains a segment of fruitful 3PL-shipper connections, however respondents drew a general refinement between 3PL “client confronting” capacities (e.g., business improvement; deals and deals bolster; delicate also, exchange administration) and those that are more “benefit related” (e.g., operations; satisfaction warehousing).

Somewhat the greater part of shipper respondents—53%—felt that administration related abilities were most essential to the goal of arrangement, while 58% of 3PL respondents felt that both were similarly essential. Besides among shippers, 71% said the accessibility of continuous investigation is among the most essential qualities; 61% said it was exchange path productivity investigation; and 55% esteemed cooperation methodologies. While change and change are never simple, the encounters of 4PLs might be of extraordinary advantage to shippers who draw in them in the inventory network change process. Since change is a constant process, coordination’s suppliers’ capacity to gather what’s more, break down data identified with shippers’ operations could keep on shaping change, offering some benefit. Going ahead, notwithstanding the operational aptitude and experience that 3PLs contribute to the general change process, there will probably be more noteworthy significance on the part important examination and information play in change activities. Change and nonstop change will be a need as shippers search for new and inventive thoughts to diminish costs, upgrade benefit and enhance the administration of complex supply chains.

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Jayem Logistics is the best 3pl Logistic Specialist Corporation and Best Warehousing Company in India Working with 9 aggregate organizations to respond client quickly. Jayem warehousing contains 64 warehouses crosswise over 32 cities in India having 2.0 Million sq ft Warehouse space. Jayem Trade gives the administration of 5 PL for little and medium Enterprises abroad and dealing with all their coordination’s and in addition installments for the estimation of the merchandise.


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Logistics Rise in India

ICRA Limited is an Indian independent credit rating agency along with professional investment information in 1991. Its recent investigation reveals many interesting points about growth of Indian Logistics Sector at a rate of 9-10%.

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  • New GST policies are encouraging foreign investors across the supply chain and demand for end-to-end solution providers and emerging of e-commerce, logistic parks, cold chains and new startups are the main reasons.
  • ICRA says logistics sector in India will be grown at a rate of 9-10 percent.
  • Railways position is also be expected to improve as it is 30% of freight movement is India  for long haul and bulky commodities like Coal, Iron ore, Fertilizers, Steel and Cement.
  • The government is on improving India’s transportation by developing inland and coastal waterways.
  • Currently sea ways transport is only 6% of freight movement in India compared to china (30%) and USA (14%). Now GOVT has chalked an ambitious Sagarmala project that aims at doubling the share of seaways in transport mix over decade by modernizing various ports.
  • The government also planning to develop about 35 strategically located multi-modal logistic parks (MMLPs) which are nearer to major manufacturing centers to improve Integrated Logistics.

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The above initiatives have the potential to bring down the logistic costs and increasing economic recovery.

Jayem Logistics Is one of the best 3pl Logistic service provider in India with various business verticals to develop expertise and quick response to customer. Jayem warehousing operates 64+ ware houses across 32 cities in India having 2.0 Million sq.ft of warehouse space. Jayem Inland Transport  provides on demand / contractual transportation services to large enterprises, SMEs, traders and distributors across south India. Jayem Trade provides trading & 5PL services to small and medium Enterprises abroad and managing all their logistics and payments for the value of the goods. Connect Cargo is one of the leading freight forwarder in ocean and air services. members of leading trade organizations like WCA, PANGEA, COOP etc. offering its services through member alliances across the globe. specialized in project cargo and bulk break.


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How to Import or Export Goods

If you are new to importing make sure that don’t ship goods without consulting Freight forwarder first because you may end up with monetary penalties, inspections and delays for not filling Importer Security Filing before 48 hours cargo loading.

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8 questions to get accurate quote:

  1. What is the Mode of Transport?

If it is Ocean Freight you may require less than container (LCL), full container (FCL), oversized, and RORO service. If it is Air Freight, shipment quote depends on faster or slower air Freight.

       2. What is the commodity you are shipping?

One has to be specific on what are the goods you are exporting for example; food, kitchenware, machinery, perishables, Dangerous Goods etc., because there may be a license or special clearance is necessary to import your goods and it is FDA clearance.


  1. Which of the following mode of service do you required?

Be Particular on mode of Service like port to port, door to port, port to door or door to door and also when is the planned shipped date for effective workflow.

  1. How is the cargo packaged?

Be careful and aware of cargo packing weather it is in pallets, loose boxes, or other packaging, total no of pieces in total and also note down dimensions, weight and number of pieces of the cargo.

  1. What are the Incoterms between seller and buyer?

Please go through this link for an Explanation of Incoterms.

  1. What is the final destination address of the cargo?

Be specify on final delivery location, is it a business with a dock, a business without a dock or residence. If it is a residence, do you require inside delivery too with pallet jack or else do you have it etc., things

  1. Do you need us to handle any fulfillment/repackaging services?

If you want repacking services like relabeling, amazon fulfilment or any other fulfillment delivery mention it like labelling or repacking in to new boxes. Fill addresses of delivery along with packages, dimensions and weight of cargo. 

  1. What are the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Code of the cargo and the Total Value?

If you include a commercial invoice, this will help to clarify the HTS code. This information is required to get quote based on duties and taxes.

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Connect Cargo Pvt Ltd is a group company of Jayem Logistics specialized in Ocean/Air Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, Project (odc) Forwarding, Warehousing, Transportation &Distribution, and DG/Perishables. Indian Customs Rules & Regulations are very complex and vast. Our group professionals in them helped us in delivering best service to our freight movements. Alpha Chain  Pvt Ltd., is one of our group companies has own brokerage license and services and also offering unique solutions in their supply chain such as Bonded Warehousing, EOU/STP/SEZ documentation, VAS etc. helping to clients in taking policy decisions regarding supply chain movement.

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The basic documents that are required for handling a cargo and quote are Pro Forma Invoice, Packing list, Certificate of Origin. Request a quote or call (044 – 4606 5555) to get accurate quote along with listed documents.










Digital Supply Chain:

Digitalization is the new advancement in the technology of supply chain management. For every Supply chain analysts, logistic consultants and technology executives have six digital trends to observe. Cloud based systems, analytics, monitoring of vehicles, Goods through IOT improves supply chain activity. 80% people in Logistics sector believe that digital supply chain will be predominant as per MHI’s 2017 annual survey on next generation supply chain

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1. Network-focused visibility:

The best thing about supply chain is we will be able to watch and understand activities of multiple players involved with the help of Global Trading Networks.

2. Merge IOT with app processes:

IOT is the combination of Sensors, Electronics, Software, Actuators connected to various Physical devices, Vehicles, Buildings etc. to collect data. IOT has to be connected to Transportation Management System.

  1. Scenario-based planning:

The IOT uses telemetric, sensors and geo positioning signals from devices to location and condition of goods which helps in making better decisions in supply chain system. This advancement is over to traditional department domains providing smart solutions.

4.  IOT, smart roads and predictive analytics:

IOT has Real-time monitoring of vehicles, trucks, and goods by using sophisticated sensors and IOT infrastructure.

  1. Mobile robotics change DC’S:

Digital supply chain management not only has IOT but also Mobile robots at DC level to reduce labor requirements. These are more flexible than traditional automated materials and handling systems which requires extensive fixed infrastructure. This Mobile robotics, smart AGV’S that can carry or pull inventory to workstations; driverless lift trucks would reduce labor needs at the DC level.

  1. Cloud TMS break silos:

Cloud in TMS is a tool which can connect to everybody and it transforms transportation management’s internal activity that can easily link up with third party logistics, freight providers and carriers.

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  • Jayem Inland Transport, City-link a unit of Jayem Logistics, is engaged in within city transportation offering its services at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Objective is to provide seamless on demand / contractual transportation services to large enterprises, SMEs, traders and distributors. Transactions are done using our IT platform which is integrated with customer ERP to get real time visibility and transparency. City-Link has multi modal access via Website, Mobile app with options like track your truck, Smart Navigation Options and Multi-modal payment options offering the best services all over Bangalore.
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Differences between 1PL, 2PL, 3PL, 4PL, 5PL Logistics

Logistics is an organization involves movement of goods to customer. It’s a part of supply chain management system that plans, implements and control forward and reverse flow of goods and services to meet customer’s requirements.

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Logistics are differentiated in to five categories:

  1. 1PL logistics:

First party logistic provider is a company or an individual who doesn’t outsource transport and logistic activities to third person and every function regarding these are handled by their departments in their companies. Any person who moves their goods and services from their place to new place it is called as 1pl provider. He may be trader, manufacturer, importer, exporter, retailer or distributor. 

  1. 2PL logistics:

Second Party logistic provider owns means of transportation. They have their own trucks, ships, airlines and also provide their services for lease too.

  1. 3PL logistics:

The manufacturer outsources his transport and logistic activities to 3pl logistic providers. They are responsible for Transport, Warehousing, Packing, Inventory management, Freight forwarding activities, till it reaches to receiver. They may have their own services or hire third parties. He acts as a bridge between manufacturer and receiver in supply chain activity.

  1. 4PL logistics:

Fourth-party logistics provider is manages entire functions in supply chain like procurement, storage, Distribution, Processes where as 3pl concentrate only on single function.

     5. 5PL Logistics:

Fifth party logistics provider will work on demands on 3PL logistics and they also help others for negotiating favorable rates with airlines and shipping companies in order to have more savings.

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Jayem logistics is top logistic service provider and best warehousing company in India. It is expert in executing 2PL, 3PL, 5PL services in supply chain management. It has separate group companies to execute operations individually. Jayem warehousing contains 64 ware houses across 32 cities in India having 2.0 Million sq ft Warehouse space. Jayem Inland Transport is providing services on demand / contractual transportation services to large enterprises, SMEs, traders and distributors. Jayem Trade provides the service of 5 PL to small and medium Enterprises abroad and managing all their logistics as well as payments for the value of the goods. It is a huge LOGISTICS SERVICE PROVIDER with 9 Separate group companies to develop expertise and quick response to customer.

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Five R’s of Reverse Logistics to Maximize Revenue Stream

Smart thing about supply chain is optimizing Five R’s of Reverse Logistics to Maximize Revenue Streams every link from forward logistics to reverse logistics.  Streamlining of five R’s in reverse logistics-Repairs, Repacking, Returns, Recalls, Recycling/disposition and there are more than 5R’S to reverse logistics like Receiving, Recovering, Reconditioning, Re-boxing, Resale etc., Let us group them to 5 categories for the sake of Discussion. Forward logistics is traditional one where products flow from factory to consumer. But reverse logistics deals with the repaired products come from consumer end. Returns management involves repair, warranty, recovery, replacement, replacement etc.

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  1. Returns:

First step of Reverse logistics is returns. Customers return products due to number of reasons like defective, damaged, failed etc., whatever the reason may be. Receiving, inspecting, testing along with RMA verification is necessary

  1. Recalls:

A critical reverse logistics category is recalling because High-tech devices are recalled because of faulty electronics, battery problems or hazards and those may be subjected to Government regulations. The solution here is receiving, replace, resell or reclaiming failed parts.  Here turning negative customer experience to positive experience matters

  1. Repair:

It is for refurbishment, reuse and re manufacturing. These practices are becoming more common these days as manufacturers recognize the value of re-using materials from returned goods. This process decreases investment, time, Money for them.

  1. Repackaging:

            Repacking is for restock or resale in secondary channels. There are two situations where customer returns their goods, one is when they are dissatisfied with them and another but not wrong with them. If the testing reveals no trouble then immediately these products are repacked and returned to inventory. Another is if parts or products are with minor issues may be repaired and repacked for reselling.


  1. Recycling:

It is for disposal and disposition. If the product or electronic component life expires then those are scrapped or disposed in an environment friendly way. This means engaging with third-party recycling companies to dispose or reclaim waste of assets.

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REPAIR and RETURN TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD, a unit of JAYEM LOGISTICS is dealing with Reverse logistics. It is a true end-to-end return management solutions company serving to both International & Domestic manufacturers. R&R provides Reverse logistics, RMA and Technical services including repair to whole range of Industry segments with customized solutions to lower their RMA costs and make them more competitive in their industry. It can be the ideal repair, and AMS partner for companies looking to fill the gap existing in their supply chain for managing and maintaining areas such as warranty and spare parts management, forward and reverse logistics, fast Repair & Return and parts recovery.



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Monsoon vs Cargo

Monsoon is the vital consideration for cargo companies. We have great technology but it doesn’t matter in front of Natural calamities. Rain can causes quick and major effect on shipment. Monsoons also make delivery late and damage. Goods like Grains, Fertilizers, Cement, Agriculture, Coal, Metal, Ferrous Ore, Minerals, Metals, Chemicals, Dangerous goods etc. are likely to get effected by rains. Cargo owners ensure shippers that their products shouldn’t be damaged due to rain and it’s a big challenge for any shippers.

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Grains, Fertilizers, Cement Small amount of rain can damage. Damaged products are rejected by receivers ·        Cargo must be covered in Warehouses

·        Loading and unloading in rains must be avoided

·        Ventilation is important in warehouse

Agriculture Products These products are also moisture sensitive. They easily deteriorate due to rains. ·        Cargo must be covered in Warehouses

·        Loading and unloading in rains must be avoided

·        In case of open grounds, cargoes have to be covered by temporary sheds.

Coal Quality and Quantity of coal differs when it is wet. Receivers reject for sure ·        Coal is one of the highest imported cargos in India. To avoid rain damages store small quantities at separate locations
Metals Wetting of steel cargoes and other metals may lead to rusting ·        To avoid wet damages, prepacking and pack aging process of coils require appropriate planning. Storage at immediate locations.
Ferrous Ores & Minerals Cargoes such as Nickel, Iron, Fluorspar exposure to heavy rains leads to issue of liquefaction. ·        Continuous watch over Transportable Moisture Level of all Ores & Mineral is very important. Road transportation of wet cargo is usually considered safe than ships.

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Jayem Inland transport, unit of Jayem logistics is engaged in within city transportation offering its services at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Objective is to provide seamless on demand. It has more than 100 trucks of different specifications to suit customer needs. During monsoon shipment the below guidelines are followed by us.

  • Cargo is picked at correct temperature
  • Cargo packing is designed in a way that no rain water can damage
  • Cargo route is planned in low rainfall route
  • Cargo storage is well planned in covered storages
  • Aware of local weather warning systems
  • Cargo documents are properly documented

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Jayem group also has its own warehouses in 32 cities at 64 locations having 2.0MSqt warehouse space across India for better shipment.

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