Starship Technologies introduced Delivery Robots which are great alternative to Drones. The company is new but technical experience is much higher and it was founded by two of the co-founders of Skype, Janus Friis and Ahti Heinla. These bots are 35-pound, medium-sized cooler on six wheels, and average speed is 4 miles per hour. In Washington City, the delivery robots are running online delivery services successfully across city.









This Smart Revolutionary Robot has following features:

  1. The self-driving delivery robot:

Groceries, parcels, food etc., are directly delivered from stores at client request via a mobile app. Robots entire journey can be monitored through smart phone.

  1. Safe and secure:

It is safe to people as it has highly advanced technology to detect objects movement around it. The major thing here is it can be opened only by the person ordered.

  1. Reliable and clean:

It is pollution free, cost-effective, and time saving. Finally it’s a unique eco-friendly product.


Look at delivery robot once it is looking like Giant remote control car with no remote. For navigation it is using artificial intelligence which gets input from nine cameras around the rim. It is using GPS, Sensors which help to identify the speed of humans or objects in the journey. The bot’s cameras recognize walk signals and traffic lights, cross walks and stop signs.




It has highly sophisticated security system. For instance, if someone tries to steal the robot, an alarm sounds and cameras take the photograph of the thief. It also has multiple tracking devices that can track the bot’s location easily.



At Jayem Logistics, our constant endeavor is to enhance technology and keep pace with the modern techniques and trends. We have invested heavily in automation, IOT, SAAS, WMS, CRM, mobile Apps etc. all our business verticals are now IT driven and some are on advanced technology to help in BI and data analysis



The transport of perishable shipments generates a significant percentage of many of our airline customer’s cargo revenue. Perishables must be transported in a timely manner and handled with extreme care to ensure the satisfaction of our cargo customers and to minimize potential cargo claims.perishable-min

Fruits, flowers and other highly perishable items should never be loaded in the same aircraft compartment with shipments of dry ice. Dry ice emits carbon dioxide gas and reduces temperature. Both of these conditions may be harmful to number perishable commodities


Perishables are defined as items which are subject to rapid decay, destruction or loss of life. Some factors are affecting perishables shipments are temperature, moisture, humidity and time. Each factor has its own effect on perishable shipments. Special precautions with certain handling can be used to protect perishable commodities.


Connectcargo, a unit of JayemLogistics has necessary infrastructure and capabilities to handle such complex distribution and management of perishable cargo. We manage carefully the entire temperature controlled supply chain from point of source to point of destination including pickup from producer or distributor through shipping, airport handling, storage, and delivery. Our experienced staff ensures that quality is maintained across the supply chain and delivers them at right time in full without any damage.


New Technologies Impact on the Supply Chain

University of Tennessee, Knoxville released, “New Supply Chain Technology Best Practices: The Application of New Technology in the Physical Supply Chain, “I’d like to bring your attention to the new white paper. It’s one of the most comprehensive whitepapers that gives overall pros and cons of emerging technologies like drones and driver less vehicles, to support the increasingly highly sophisticated supply chain.  Jayem logistics, the largest warehousing company in India has Research and Development team, during research we found interesting technologies that could change every traditional way of logistics. These are going to create revolutionary change in supply chain logistics.

Author, Dr. Paul Dittman noted, many amazing points that I totally agree with his perspective. All supply chain professionals are facing more challenges due to innovation fast than ever. Stronger brand presence needs quicker adoption of technology innovation. The one in the list are Robotics, Driver less trucks, followed by drones and 3-Printing     

  1. Drones:



Enhancing customer service through Drones as there is wide range of drone applications. For instance, WALMART used a drone to verify inventory in one of its distribution centers. In future drones will become a major supply chain tool that is beyond present type of delivery system

  1. Robotics:


Robotics applications are enormous linked to the digital side of innovation. It is believed that companies would soon have a robotics department with a chief robotics officer responsible for coordinating implementation and robotics strategy. In future robots take many human jobs and decrease manual labor with more technical skills. This might increases unemployment

  1. 3-D printing:


3-D is used in many companies for rapid prototyping as it applications in supply chain is beyond today. Low volume, complex geometrics for assembly, need for faster consumer response and customization.

  1. Driver less vehicles:


Mercedes Benz introduced a production driver-less truck using radar and a camera for detecting lanes and markings. Legal issues like government regulations are the main barriers to adopt this technology.


These are the technologies have power to disrupt the competition between companies.