2017 Is The Year Of Third Party Logistics

2017-is-the-year-of-third-party-logisticsNewer technologies in every area are coming up, and it is no surprise that technology continues to increase in importance with time. The same was highlighted at the 2017 Third-Party Logistics Study, where the role of big data and analytics was emphasized upon. 98% of 3PLs indicated that improved data-driven decision-making is essential to the future success of supply chain activities and processes. Also, 93% of shippers agreed to this belief. Additionally, 86% of 3PLs and 81% of shippers also said that effective use of big data will become a core competency of supply chain operations in the future. The biggest areas of focus related to big data include improving on spheres of data quality, process quality and performance, supply chain integration, data transparency levels, logistics optimization, and customer interaction and service.

Emerging Trends In Supply Chain

emerging-trends-in-supply-chainBoth domestic and international supply chains are under constant pressure to reduce costs, while maintaining a high performance. This has become a great challenge for the industry as to accomplish this, they are forced to compromise on their profit margins. Moreover, there are constant changes and updates coming up in the industry that these supply chain players need to incorporate in their processes if they want their customers to be happy and satisfied. Some companies fail to stand up to the expectations of their clients, while there are others like Jayem Logistics who are always striving to provide their customers with the best at all times, even if that means cutting down a little on the profit margins. This is what makes Jayem Logistics the best integrated supply chain player in India. Let us take a look at some latest trends that are emerging in the supply chain industry today.

While Selecting An In-City Trucking Service

while-selecting-an-in-city-trucking-serviceIn-city trucking is one of the most important decisions you need to make while planning to shift goods from one place to another. If you get your goods in the hands of a wrong service provider, you are in for trouble and lots of problems. You don’t want to get in the hands of a provider that charges more, is often late for picking up and delivering goods, or is not good with handling and managing goods. Jayem Logistics’ City Link is a name you can trust to offer you with the best services of within city road transportation in India, where complete care is taken of the goods, deliveries and customer values. This blog will let you know the points you need to consider while selecting from a list of in-city trucking service providers.

The Five R’s Of Reverse Logistics

the-five-r-s-of-reverse-logisticsReverse logistics is the process of moving products from the point of consumption to the point of origin to recapture value and ensure proper disposal of the products, rather than turning them into waste. You need to be very smart about your supply chain to optimize all your products and their movement, may it be forward or reverse logistics. While forward logistics is something that every organization is working on, you also need to be concentrating on reverse logistics management to know which products are in the pipeline and wheat should be done with those products that are not useful anymore. This is where the five R’s of reverse logistics comes to the scenario – returns, recalls, repairs, repackaging and recycling.