Restructure Your Domestic Shipping Logistics With Jayem Logistics

restructure-your-domestic-shipping-logistics-with-jayem-logisticsYou may find that domestic shipping is the most convenient and hassle-free of all shipping methods as it requires no worry of customs, import/export laws, currency exchanges and other such issues. Although they come with lesser hassles as compared to international shipping, but that does not mean that don’t have any other setbacks. Even domestic shipments come with their own challenges that may arise unexpectedly and make it more difficult and complicated to be handled. This is where working with a professional, experienced and reliable 3PL logistics service provider like Jayem Logistics can help to ensure that all the disturbances are eliminated and everything works as planned. You can manage your domestic shipping logistics much easily and conveniently by partnering with a 3PL provider. Outsourcing your warehousing logistics, order fulfillment, and shipping methods and routes to such a provider can help you focus on other aspects of your business to facilitate effective and efficient working.

How does a 3PL provider benefit your business?

The biggest benefit of working with a 3PL provider is the vast experience they have in the field and the network of resources they possess, which you may not have a hold over. This experience and network helps them to identify the most effective routes and shipping methods to help your freight reach its destination on time and within your budget. Outsourcing to a 3PL falls within your budget as they work with large volumes, which is why they can offer broker freight for much lesser, thus saving on your time, money and resources. Moreover, 3PLs are well aware of all the transportation laws and limitations, thus they can minimize inefficiencies and maximize your profits. Therefore, outsourcing your logistics to a 3PL may seem like an expensive way out, but with the number of benefits they can offer you, it will actually turn out to be more cost-efficient than an in-house supply management staff.

Now that you may have been convinced about the benefits of working with a 3PL provider, you need to find the most appropriate 3PL provider who can help you go a long way to ensure that your shipment is handled professionally and with utmost care. You must work with them to create a customized plan specially tailored for your company to bring a solution that will be as unique as your business. Jayem Logistics has an experience of more than 3 decades to determine the best strategies and solutions to meet the needs of every individual client as per their specific requirements, which makes us a respected 3PL logistics service provider in India. In order to fulfill all your unique requests in the best possible way, we use our extensive experience and industry relationships to provide you with the best. For not only domestic shipping, but for international shipment too, for economy and overnight shipping, we help determine the most ideal methods to suit your requirements. For the highest-quality logistics handling experience customized to your unique requirements, Jayem Logistics is the best choice. Trust our experts and expertise of offering a comprehensive range of shipping services.

How Can Supply Chain Leaders Use Big Data For Improvements?

how-can-supply-chain-leaders-use-big-data-for-improvementsSupply chain leaders are highly fascinated with the idea of using big data, which involves algorithmic techniques, practices, methodologies and applications that help businesses to analyze business data and understand the market and operations. It helps businesses to predict the likelihood of an event to occur so that they can take business decisions to meet customer needs accordingly. However, supply chain leaders fail to understand how to distribute big data in their organizations.

Which Are The Best Strategies For Perfect eCommerce Warehousing?

ecommerce-warehousingAt first, people hesitated shopping and buying things online. They started with experimenting to buy small and inexpensive things so that they would incur lesser risk, if any. However, with increasing amount of benefits they receive with online shopping, people have now started shopping for larger electronic appliances, large pieces of furniture and more online. Today, instead of going to the shops in the street, people prefer turning to their desktops and smartphones to make their purchases. With Christmas and New Year just arriving in a month’s time, millions of people will start ordering online. To be able to keep up with this growing number of orders, it is advisable to invest in eCommerce warehousing. If you get hold of the best practices in the industry, you can have an eCommerce warehousing solution that is ideal not only for holidays and festivities, but also for an year-round growth.

Why Choose City Link For Your Road Transportation Requirements?


Looking for trucks on hire for your road transportation requirements? It’s definitely a tough job, and gets even more difficult to decide which logistics party to partner with. With so many options available, how would you know which company to trust and which not? To make it easier for you, we have come up with a list of features you need to look for in order to have a convenient and tangle-free logistics solution. Jayem Logistics’ City Link is a pioneer in the world of within city road transportation in India who always strives to keep customers happy and satisfied. Below mentioned are the features that we possess at City Link that keeps us ahead of the others in the field of logistics.

What Does The Future Of Distribution System Hold?

what-does-the-future-of-distribution-system-holdTechnology in every field is constantly changing for the better. In the distribution system too, new technologies bring changes in how the system comprising of the manufacturers, distributors and retailers works to gain the biggest market share. Processes that are involved with warehousing, shipping and selling are changing rapidly to impact the existing distribution system. And, if your business does not adapt to these changes, you will be left far behind. This is why you must tie up with a leading 3PL who is well-established and is continuously aware of the constant changes taking place in the industry. One such name is Jayem Logistics, who provides the finest inventory management and distribution in India, and can help boost up your business by providing you with the best logistics and warehousing solutions.