How Does Freight Forwarding Affect Your Sales Forecast?

How-Does-Freight-Forwarding-Affect-Your-Sales-ForecastIn this dynamic and competitive business environment, demand forecasting which is directly impacted by the accuracy of sales forecast is highly challenging. An accurate sales forecast can keep businesses ahead of their competitors by reducing cost and time, and increasing customer satisfaction. In case of any error in the sales forecast, the entire supply chain is affected due to overstock, under stock and increased storage cost. All this in turn decreases customer satisfaction, thus impacting the brand image negatively.

What All Should You Consider While Selecting A 3PL Logistics Provider?

What-All-Should-You-Consider-While-Selecting-A-3PL-Logistics-ProviderAlthough 3PL logistics providers are highly beneficial today to help customers manage parts of their supply chains, there are many new risks involved with it too. These risks come with the shortfalls with which the 3PL providers are selected. However, if you understand these risks beforehand, you may also be able to identify them ahead of time and take steps to eliminate them. So, here we are to help you identify these deficits. Here are some of the potential shortfalls that you must look out for while selecting a 3 PL logistics provider.

All Your Sign Logistics Requirements Can Be Fulfilled By Jayem Logistics


Are you into the sign industry? Then, you need the best services to have your sign logistics reach its destination on time in the safest manner. Whether your logistics needs to use multiple flat bed trucks or you need expedited delivery of a single box, you need the same amount of care taken of your goods. Jayem Logistics has complete knowledge and experience of handling all kinds of projects, right from multiple flatbeds to a single expedited air freight box.