Difference Between Domestic and International Logistics


Logistics is the organization and implementation of a complex operation that incorporates management of flow of things between the points of origin and consumption to meet the requirements of the customers. Any type of physical products can be shipped through logistics with a planned process that involves integration of information flow, material handling, packaging, inventory, warehousing and transportation.

How Are RFID, AIDC And Iot Technologies Beneficial To Shippers?


What are RIFD, AIDC and IoT?

RFID or radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags that are attached to objects and contain electronically stored information. Active tags have a local power source that can operate at hundreds of meters from the RFID reader, while passive tags collect energy from a nearby RFID reader’s radio waves.

What Is The Difference Between FTL And LTL Shipping?


What do the terms FTL and LTL mean? Which one is a better option when you plan to ship your products? You can learn about it here. FTL and LTL are two types of efficient modes that help in moving domestic shipments. These modes are used when you need to transport large shipments weighing more than 50 kgs. Although both these modes are economical and reliable in their own ways, you need to know which shipping method is the best fit for your organization.

How Can Collaboration Among Logistics Service Providers Prove Helpful To Shippers?

How-Can-Collaboration-Among-Logistics-Service-Providers-Prove-Helpful-To-ShippersWhat is collaboration? It is working together as a team to achieve a goal. But, how well do logistics service providers collaborate with each other? No two competitors can collaborate with each other without compromising the information and structure of both the companies. But, this is the only way to improve profits and efficiency in today’s world. Collaboration essentially incorporates value-added services, service expansion and the future of an organization.